Sarking and sheathing boards






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Material: Wood fibre insulation board produced in accordance with EN 13171 and EN 13986 and with ongoing quality supervision for dust extraction please refer to national requirements.

STEICOuniversal is designed for sheathing timber frame wall panels with stud framing not less than 38 mm in width and at maximum 600 mm centres. The boards can resist weather exposure without deterioration during construction or if cladding is delayed.

Pro environment and pro humanity
As a manufacturer of ecological building materials, STEICO AG ensures that its raw materials and production protect the Environment and Health of future generations and that its products excel in functionality and quality.

STEICO AG is the first insulation manufacturer to offer FSC® certification on its entire insulation range. STEICO uses timber from sustainable forests which are managed under strict directives from the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). Therefore STEICO offers the highest environment standards from production right through to the end product.

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