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Wyder Engineered Timber Systems takes its responsibility for being a green, having a low carbon footprint and being environmentally responsible company very seriously.

Wyder uses the super environmentally friendly STEICO natural building products and insulation. The insulation products help to keep homes warm in the winter and maintaining cool temperatures in the summer. The STEICO products not only reduce the energy emissions from your house, the wood fibre used in STEICO products has the ability to reduce global CO2 during the plant’s growth phase. Remarkably, as the forests grow, each tree will bind and withdraw CO2 from the atmosphere.

It has been calculated that the STEICO insulating material used to completely insulate an average single family house, binds as much CO2 as a small car emits in the course of travelling 30,000 miles. The STEICO products can be easily recycled as they don’t contain any artificial additives. One of the company’s key by-products is producing growing bags for tomato and other agricultural producers.

FSC Certified

All Wyder timber products are Forest Stewardship Council certified wood for its projects. For nearly twenty years the Forest Stewardship Council has been the most widely recognised forest certification system worldwide. The FSC label provides a powerful link between the responsible production and consumption of forest products.  The FSC label guarantees that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

FSC forests are managed according to a strict criteria. That means fair conditions for workers, respect for indigenous communities and local populations, and strict environmental controls. FSC is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by the major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust.

All the wood is tracked from the forest to the store. Every link between the forest and the consumer is certified to make it clearly identifiable which wood is FSC certified and which is not.

Wyder has been awarded full Chain of Custody accreditation for the wood it uses:


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