Have you outgrown your home, yet are not in a position to buy a larger residence or simply reluctant to leave a neighbourhood where friends and family live? Wyder Modular Buildings has a solution that you’ll be more than happy to hear about. With a wide range of off the shelf flat pack homes, totally customisable designs or modular buildings, you can build your own dream home or add to your current home? Modular buildings are easy to construct, affordable and economical in more ways than one.

Why flat pack or modular?

One of the most amazing features of flat pack and modular buildings is the fact that most of the construction takes place away from your property. In a sense, they are prefabricated so that they can be quickly erected once they are built. With modular buildings, you won’t need to have a foundation laid, which could only delay the process and the only thing left to do is perhaps a bit of landscaping and exterior work if you feel your property needs it. With flat pack houses, we can delivery the timber structures for you to build yourself or we can do the work for you.

You will also find that Wyder Modular Buildings are eco-friendly. What does this mean? It means that not only will you be doing your part to lower carbon emissions, but through the innovative inclusion of solar panels, you can save a huge amount of your electricity budget. It may not even be necessary to hard wire your residential pod to the main structure as solar energy can easily run any electrical appliances or equipment such as stereos, computers and televisions.

Why go modular? Besides the fact that modular pre-manufactured construction can save you as much as 25% of your building costs (sometimes even more!) you can totally customise any additional features you may need or want. For example, will this be a studio ‘apartment’ for an older teenager or perhaps a mother-in-law? You can have a bathroom and kitchenette designed into your plans that will make this a totally self-sufficient residential pod.

Why go flat pack? By choosing a flat pack house you can decide exactly what you need in your home. From two bedrooms to five bedrooms, Wyder’s flat pack homes are easy to customise, allowing you to create your dream home to your own budget and specifications.

High End Living in a Cost Effective Buildings

With timber frame construction, timber roofs and timber flooring, a Wyder modular residential building will provide a sense of high-end living. Nothing speaks of elegance quite like bespoke wood framed buildings and if you are looking to add style, extra space and your own personal touch, then flat pack or modular buildings might be your answer.

You can then customise your flat pack house with luxurious, but affordable, extras like granny annexes or garden offices. Many people are customising their homes by beginning with a central residence with all the amenities Wyder has available, and then adding other buildings if needed over time.

From extra space to completely self-contained living areas, Wyder Residential Modular Buildings can be the answer you’ve been looking for. To see how we can help, give us a call today on 0845 094 8860.


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