Residential and private housing

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Building process


  • Arrange Finance
  • Choose Plot
  • Architectural Design
  • Planning Permission
  • Quantity Surveyor





Loan pre-qualification

The first step in the modular home construction process is to meet with a ‘Modular Friendly’ lender to get pre-qualified for a modular home loan that is right for you and your budget. We have a number of lenders available for your modular home building project.


Locate and purchase a building lot

The second step is to locate and purchase a lot to build your modular home. There are many land use and zoning issues regarding raw land and house lots. We will gladly answer your questions regarding a potential modular house lot or refer you to a land use and zoning attorney and/or engineer who can help you complete the entire modular home building process.


Choose your modular home building programme

Next, you must choose which one of our modular home building packages best suits your needs (Assist-U-Build©® Modular Home Building Program or We-Complete©® Turn – Key Package).


Modular home initial price quote

Once you have chosen and/or designed a modular home floor plan/package and have signed the engineering/design contract, we will provide a budgetary estimate to build your new modular home.


Modular home re-design

Next, the modular home design plans and any changes, will be sent to our engineering department. The ‘marked-up’ modular home design plans will be reviewed and will be drawn to meet building codes and reflect any requested changes.


Modular home – options and final price quote

The next step is for you to review the re-designed modular home floor plan for accuracy. At this time, you will meet with a sales representative, to choose all interior and exterior options (i.e. flooring, counter-tops, kitchen cabinets, lighting, vinyl siding etc). We will provide a firm price quote for you at this time.


Modular home building contract and deposit

The next step is to enter into a contract with Custom Modular Designs, to purchase your modular home. At this time, you will need to put a 10% – 30% deposit down on your new modular home. Our approved lenders typically advance up to 15% of the loan amount at the time of closing.

Request Information

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What we offer

We provide turnkey solutions for private house builders, housing associations, local authorities and for individual one off projects.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be upto 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as six to eight weeks dependent on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for insurance and mortgages.

We tick all the right boxes...

Delivered in six to eight weeks and installed within 48 hours.
From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.
NHBC warranties, insurable and can be mortgaged.
Experienced management team in partnership with blue-chip partners.