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We are often called upon to design and construct garden offices as greater numbers of professionals have begun freelancing in recent years. Wyder Modular Buildings are in high demand because we are expert at working into the design all the features that would be needed to make an office fully functional and highly economical as well.

Our eco-friendly garden offices can provide space away from the family so that you can work on your projects, meet with clients and have the room to keep your work where it won’t be interfered with.


Bespoke State-of-the-Art Features

At Wyder we know that any professional business man or woman needs to access the internet as a routine part of the job. We can place IT connections at convenient locations so that when the building is assembled on your property, it is ready for you to set up and begin work.

Electric outlets can be located wherever you need them to be and we can even design windows to be located where the glare won’t affect your ability to see your computer monitor. Are you concerned with the rising cost of electricity? Not to worry! Wyder Modular Buildings offers solar power solutions so that you can use the sun’s free energy to generate all the electricity you need to run your office equipment.

Add a Touch of Class with Extra Amenities

If you will be meeting with clients and other business professionals, you will almost certainly want to have a bathroom for them to use. Not only can we design an elegant, professional garden office with a bathroom, but we can even design a small kitchenette.

If you would rather relax outdoors in the garden when meeting with clients, why not have us construct a deck just outside the bi-folding front door? All those little extra amenities add a touch of class, giving you the professional appeal necessary to impress clients and colleagues alike.

Since there are so many professionals working as freelancers and sole traders operating from home, Wyder has built up a huge portfolio of extremely happy customers. We can help you make that garden office into an elegant outbuilding that rivals offices on High Street. As professionals ourselves, we know what it takes to impress and we can help you design a business office that literally WOWs your clients. Once you’ve decided that working from within the home is just impossible, talk to us. Schedule a consultation, free of charge, and we will work together to build you the office of your dreams.


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What we offer

We provide turnkey solutions for private house builders, housing associations, local authorities and for individual one off projects.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as six to eight weeks dependent on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for insurance and mortgages.

We tick all the right boxes...

Delivered in six to eight weeks and installed within 48 hours.
From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.
NHBC warranties, insurable and can be mortgaged.
Experienced management team in partnership with blue-chip partners.