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Wyder Modular Buildings are famous for the level of quality and care we put into each and every timber modular building we construct. However, we know that there are handy DIYers out there who like to take a ‘hands on’ approach. For those of you who are looking for high quality designs that you can build yourselves, our line of flat pack houses is what you are after.

Size Is Not an Issue

Your flat pack home can be any size you wish as Wyder has a whole design team at your disposal. We help you draw up your dream, get all the components in place and after delivery, it’s your project. Are you looking for more than just a single room? We can help you draw up plans for one, two, three and even five room flat pack houses.

Affordable & Sustainable

Not only are Wyder flat pack houses competitively priced and affordable, they are also sustainable. What do we mean by this? Wyder Modular Buildings only uses Glulam timber from Scandinavian forests that are reforested. We do not believe in pillaging resources and this has become a priority in our mission statement. We will only provide those products that we know will not further endanger the ecology in any way, shape or form. You may be the builder of flat pack houses but the ultimate responsibility is ours and we take this very seriously.

Working Special Features into Your Design

Many of our modular buildings have special features built into the design. Planning flat pack houses is no different. Are you looking to go solar to save the high costs of electricity? No problem! We can surely work that into the design as to the placement of solar panels and options for whether or not you are going to be feeding back into the grid. Are you looking for a deck outdoors, either in the front or back? That’s not an issue either.

We can work literally any special feature into your flat pack house design that you desire. We can even help you work into the design where IT connections would best be placed. There is no special feature that Wyder consultants and design artists cannot find a solution for.

Your Dream Is Our Reality

Wyder Modular Buildings knows that you have a dream and that is our reality. We are here to help you build the house of your dreams, whether it is a modular addition to an existing structure or one of many flat pack houses you can help in designing yourself. Our team of designers is here to help you turn your dream into a reality and will work with you to bring that dream to fruition.

Since size is not an issue and our products are amongst the most affordable in the market, what are you waiting for? If you can dream it, we can help you plan it. We construct and assemble all the pieces for flat pack houses, now it’s up to you to build it. It is your dream after all. To learn more about options in flat pack houses, talk to our knowledgeable consultants today. When it’s a dream, anything is possible. We’ll show you how.

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What we offer

We provide turnkey solutions for private house builders, housing associations, local authorities and for individual one off projects.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as six to eight weeks dependent on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for insurance and mortgages.

We tick all the right boxes...

Delivered in six to eight weeks and installed within 48 hours.
From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.
NHBC warranties, insurable and can be mortgaged.
Experienced management team in partnership with blue-chip partners.