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Eco Pods – Wyder Modular Building’s

Schools across the nation are experiencing extreme shortages of space, leaving headteachers and administrators struggling to find solutions. It is heart wrenching for an educator to turn students away for lack of space, but there isn’t a budget to build new schools. Wyder Modular Buildings has a cost effective solution that will not only provide that extra space to boost student enrollment, but can also provide a wonderful learning experience as well.

Wyder Modular Classrooms with an Emphasis on the Ecology

One of the amazing features of eco pods is that they are built from eco-friendly materials that help to reduce CO2 emissions. With solar panels to generate free power from the sun without the use of fossil fuels, not only can eco pods be used as classrooms, but they can be the lesson themselves. They are technology in action and a wonderful way to demonstrate to students ways in which to cut back on the pillaging of our natural resources. Even the timber throughout the structure is FSC certified which means that no wood is taken from a forest that is not being reforested.

Totally Customizable Features

Besides being cost effective and eco-friendly, eco pods can be built totally to your requirements. Do you need a self-contained classroom? This is not a problem. Wyder modular classrooms can be constructed with a kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom and even a deck for students to sit on during warm and sunny days. Pods can also be interconnected so that students can move freely from one class to the next. Our design team will work with you to incorporate features into the design per your requirements. Nothing is beyond the scope of what you can do with eco pods and Wyder helps you realize your vision.

Those Little ‘Extras’ that Make a Difference

Just as we can install solar panels to cut the cost of electricity, we can also help you with those little extras that make a difference. Do you often work with computers so that your students can access the Internet for research? Wyder eco pods can be constructed with this in mind. We can work IT connections into the design so that they are placed strategically where your computers will be located.

There may be no way to quickly fix the economy, but with eco pods you can afford to expand your school even with a minimal budget. Building a new school may be impossible, but you have ground space where you are, so why not take advantage of it? Let Wyder help you use that space to accommodate a larger enrollment. There is no reason to turn students away with affordable and environmentally friendly eco pods especially designed to meet your needs. Call us today and we’ll tell you just how easy it is.


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What we offer

We provide turnkey solutions for private house builders, housing associations, local authorities and for individual one off projects.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as six to eight weeks dependent on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for insurance and mortgages.

We tick all the right boxes...

Delivered in six to eight weeks and installed within 48 hours.
From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.
NHBC warranties, insurable and can be mortgaged.
Experienced management team in partnership with blue-chip partners.