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Are you a headteacher or school administrator who is dealing with overcrowded classrooms but with a lack of funding to build a larger new school?

Wyder Modular Buildings has the solution you need with our line of state-of-the-art eco-friendly modular classrooms. One of the main areas of educational focus today is the ecology. Increasing numbers of governments around the world recognise the harm we have done through pillaging of resources and the flagrant abuse of fossil fuels. Eco friendly classrooms designed and built by our team of environmentally conscientious architects and builders provide the perfect learning aid, as well as much needed extra space.

Environmentally Sound and Cost-Effective Eco Classrooms

One of the things Wyder Modular Buildings sought to achieve was to provide eco-friendly classrooms that are also cost effective. It is no secret that schools lack the funding they once had and as a result, are operating at enrolment capacity and even beyond. Eco friendly modular classrooms can not only literally support themselves, but they can bring money back into the school to be spent where it needs to be spent, on education!

With the inclusion of solar panels as an integral design element, eco classrooms can generate free electricity from solar power and what’s left over at the end of the day can be fed right back into the grid. This extra source of income can help to support the school in other areas, such as new text books, computers and any other needs that have been set aside due to an insufficient budget. If finances are a problem, check out these sources of funding for schools.

Off-Site Construction for Minimal Disruption

Quite often construction at educational institutions is left to ‘off-term’ months as it is just too disruptive to undergo during term. Wyder eco friendly modular classrooms are actually built off-campus and can be quickly installed with minimal disruption as no foundation is required. We assemble them to your specifications, transport to the site and then quickly set them where they are going to be located.

At this time we can add extra features such as outside elements for visual and functional enhancements. Are you in need of a deck with chairs for outside activities? What about custom tables and benches built from FSC certified, environmentally friendly timber? Whether your primary focus is on teaching students how to be conscious of the environment or are looking for sustainable and cost effective solutions, eco-friendly classrooms are the answer you are looking for.

Highest Quality, Eco-Friendly Building Materials

When we tell you our modular classrooms are eco-friendly, we mean what we say. Here are just a few of the features you will be happy to have designed into your buildings:

And, believe it or not, those are just the highlights of eco-friendly features we incorporate into all our modular classrooms. Your classroom can be constructed on any surface whatsoever and all within just a few short days. Classes can go on as scheduled and we see to it that you have that extra space you are so much in need of.

Why wait until next term to increase enrolment capacity? Current overcrowded classes can begin benefiting from additional space whilst you work towards increasing next term’s student population. We will help you in any way we can but first we need to know your needs. Contact our team of highly knowledgeable modular building planners and designers so that you can enjoy all the benefits of eco-friendly classrooms now.


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What we offer

We provide turnkey solutions for private house builders, housing associations, local authorities and for individual one off projects.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as six to eight weeks dependent on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for insurance and mortgages.

We tick all the right boxes...

Delivered in six to eight weeks and installed within 48 hours.
From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.
NHBC warranties, insurable and can be mortgaged.
Experienced management team in partnership with blue-chip partners.