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Wyder Modular construction company’s Logo


WYDER modular construction company has a team of renowned designers who are enthusiastic about making the most out of vacant living spaces and are experts in modular construction. Whether it is for domestic construction such as homes, lodges and garden offices, or construction for a block of offices or student accommodation such as schools, our team is completely flexible when it comes to planning strategies and procedures.

This is what has made us one of the UK’s most reliable modular construction companies as we create some of the most stylish and unique contemporary living and work spaces in the country. Not only does our building system meet current building regulations that adhere to code 4/5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, but the system also has the flexibility to allow us to provide our customers with a huge range of living and work spaces that are either single or multi-storey.

All of our building systems result in the final product having immense durability and outstanding structural quality that should act as a defense to any potential hazards.

Eco-friendly designers

WYDER modular construction company’s dedication to the environment means that its living spaces are sustainable and can be built on almost all ground conditions that have been designed for flood plains.

We are one of only a few organisations that recycle existing buildings and use them to create one-of-a-kind homes and lodges. Re-using a building’s structure allows the energy use and carbon emissions to be dramatically reduced during the construction period.

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